Mission Support Training Facility (MSTF)
The Mission Support Training Facility (MSTF), houses electronic battle simulation, basic and field
communication training and classrooms for the 25th Infantry Division Stryker Brigade.  The MSTF is
a unique building.  It was first purposed training and exercising a Stryker Brigade. The Stryker
Armored Vehicles are fast-moving combat vehicles used by the Army in Iraq.

The MSTF has communication training facilities for the entire 25th Infantry Division.  Our engineers
worked with various user groups to provide a mechanical design which satisfies the individual
requirements of each group within a given budget.  The HVAC design includes a stand-alone chilled
water plant with VAV air distribution.  Since the overall and individual zone occupancies of the
building are dependent on various training configurations, the HVAC design combines the VAV air
distribution with a CO2 controlled ventilation system.  This system relives power consumption.  The
goal of the design was to maintain maximum zone environmental control with adequate building
pressurization, while limiting the intake of fresh air to occupancy requirements.