This City and County commissioned project, the Kapolei Corporation Yard, incorporates almost 18 acres of
undeveloped land for industrial and commercial use.  Notkin Hawaii Inc. has been involved in all  3 Phases of the
plan, which include five offices, personnel facilities with showers and  locker rooms large enough for 40 employees,
and a 1,400-square feet 3-bedroom caretaker's residence.

Additional mechanical responsibilities include a fueling facility, wash pad with underground oil/water separator,
emergency generator, and compressed air system.  Also, it provides a dewatering facility with five Vactor loads,
each with a 1,500-gallon capacity.  The design for mechanical systems include heating, ventilation, air conditioning,
plumbing, fire protection systems, fueling and pump station, and oil/water separator.  The Kapolei Consolidated
Corporation Yard is just one of many improvement projects in Oahu's second city.
Kapolei Consolidated Corporation Yard, Phase 1-3
Kapolei, Hawaii

Year Completed

Services Performed
Air Conditioning
Fire Protection