Information Systems Facitlity (ISF)
Information Systems Facility (ISF).  ISF is a data processing and communications center
providing centralized intelligence services for the entire 25th Infantry Division.  The building has
been designed for “always available” full capacity cooling.  In addition it met the requirement
for a LEED® Gold rating.  Our engineers proposed an enlarged, stand-alone chiller water plant
that serves a companion building.  The companion building program called for “as available”
cooling in the event of mechanical breakdown of a central plant chiller.  Sharing the stand-
alone plant made it portion the capacity in the remaining chiller, making it usable for “always
available” cooling.  In other words, the ISF  balanced “as available” cooling to the companion
cooling system.

The LEED® rating was improved by sharing the stand-alone plant since the efficiency of the
combined plant was higher than that of two separate plants.  Notkin Hawaii Inc. further
improved the LEED® rating by specifying Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) chillers in the shared
plant.  The combination of a shared plant with VFD chillers  allowed the maximum improvement
in the LEED® mechanical rating.  These technologies qualified the building for LEED® Gold.  
Schofield Barracks, Hawaii

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LEED® Gold