The King Kalakaua Building, located in Downtown Honolulu, is known for its Spanish-colonial style design.  In a
multi-million dollar renovation project, our engineers played a key role in updating this 200,000 square-foot
historic landmark.  Our consultation caused the ceilings to be lowered to allow for air conditioning units. The
towers are hidden in the structure so no visible adverse impacted the exterior of the building.  In addition, our
designers improved the structure's plumbing and added a fire sprinkler system.

The King Kalakaua Building was once headquarters to most federal agencies in Hawaii, including the U.S. Court
District.  It is now the new home of the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) and the
Downtown United States Post Office (USPS).
King Kalakaua (Old Federal) Building
Honolulu, Hawaii

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Air Conditioning
Fire Sprinklers