The Continental Plaza
Honolulu, Hawaii

Service Completed

Services Performed
Chilled Water
Notkin Hawaii Inc. provided mechanical engineering services for the replacement of chilled water piping,
insulation, and fain coil units.  The scope of work included reviewing plans with the Board of Directors to
confirm installation parameters prior to detailing plans and specifications.

We performed a design review of available replacement options for the chilled water piping system and fan coil
units.  A written concept design was also provided, which consisted of our observations, photos, notes,
calculations, and sketches.  Based on the Board’s direction, we completed the permit documents and routed
the building permit application.  Notkin Hawaii Inc. also prepared a project manual suitable to obtain
competitive bids.  Lastly, we provided construction administration services which included reviewing of
requested submittals and shop drawings.  Site observation visits were also provided during construction.